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Judy Smith



Judy has served as organist since 1999. She has been an accompanist for churches since the age of ten. She received a degree in Music Education and a certification in Spanish from Campbell University.  She was certified in ESL (English as Second Language), including National Board Certification, while teaching at Emma Elementary School in Buncombe County, and is now retired from teaching. 


Judy grew up in Mississippi but moved to North Carolina in 1970.  Since then, she has lived in many places in North Carolina, as well as the countries of Costa Rica and Bolivia.  In addition to music, some of her interests are history, crafts, organic gardening, nutrition, and aerobics. She has three daughters, Victoria, Anna and Maria, and eight grandchildren, Forest, Mica, Jocelyn, Johani, Shea, Troy, Molly and Jasper.



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